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OUR Policies

Our policies are a fundamental part of our values ​​and through them we ensure that we maintain our commitment to ethics, security, morality and confidentiality.

Security Policy

“Harbour Shipping Corporation is a company subject to complying with national and international laws, and is committed to developing the BASC Security and Control Management System, allowing the control and prevention of risks related to illegal activities, bribery and corruption, guaranteeing procedures that avoid crimes in international trade, such as: smuggling, drug trafficking, terrorism, money laundering, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, intellectual property crimes, tax fraud and computer crimes, among others, promoting the continuous improvement of its processes and generating safe operation for our company, business associates (customers and suppliers), community, collaborators and shareholders. "

Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy

“Harbour Shipping Corporation (HSC) maintains the commitment to act in an ethical and transparent manner, thus complying with the values ​​established within our organizational culture. We maintain zero tolerance for any act of bribery or corruption that may occur within our institution, and we guarantee to know the applicable legal framework to combat this scourge.

All our employees, as well as the Business Partners with whom we maintain commercial or contractual relationships, are obliged to report the facts or circumstances that may be considered acts of fraud, corruption, or bribery.

For this, the different channels established by the company may be used, such as the General Director, Security Manager, Process Manager, Process Leader, or Security Committee.


All the facts or circumstances that are detected and verified will be communicated verbally and/or formalized in writing in accordance with the protocols established by the company, protecting and respecting the confidentiality of the complainant and the complaint.


This policy applies to all Harbour Shipping Corporation (HSC) employees, directors, shareholders, customers and suppliers.”

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